Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar believes it’s time President Trump was condemned for allegedly “glorifying violence” against extremist rioters ebook bei amazon herunterladen. ilhan omar antifa

Omar (D) made the comments during an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “This Week.”

Stephanopoulos led her with an unproven claim that she has “faced threats inspired by President Trump” herself word uni köln.

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The congresswoman responded by referencing remarks made by Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, who suggested there is a lack of leadership coming from the White House in the midst of the George Floyd unrest fantasy bücher kostenlos herunterladen.

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‘Glorifying Violence’

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With all of the rioting, assaults, vandalism, looting, and arson taking place across the nation, Omar, who has said in-part that the demonstrations are ‘warranted,’ believes we should be focused on President Trump’s words herunterladen.

“This president has failed in really understanding the kind of pain and anguish many of his citizens are feeling,” Omar said.

“When you have a president who really is glorifying violence, who’s talking about the kind of vicious dogs and weapons that could be unleashed on citizens, it’s quite appalling and disturbing.”

The radical leftist was referencing comments made by the President over the weekend, thanking Secret Service for their efforts to defend the White House against the domestic terrorists and noting there are other measures that could be deployed to defend their ground app where you can movies for free.

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Condemn the President ilhan omar antifa

Omar proceeded to forcefully call for condemnation of the President for allegedly ‘glorifying violence.’

“We condemn other nations when their presidents make those kinds of statements when there’s unrest in their countries, and we have to condemn our president at the highest sort of condemnation,” she insisted alle links herunterladen.

The irony here is especially rich considering Omar has been caught several times, unable to condemn violence against Antifa, a far-left radical group now being designated as a terrorist organization herunterladen.

The same group many believe are stoking the fires of tension across America in the midst of the George Floyd uprising.


You may recall that Willem Van Spronsen, a self-identified (according to his manifesto) member of the left-wing Antifa movement, was shot and killed when he stormed an ICE center in Tacoma, Washington armed with flares and a rifle, trying to burn the facility down last July.

Omar, when confronted and asked to condemn the attack, refused.

“I will not dignify that with an answer,” she responded.

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