The Inspector General report on FISA abuse thoroughly debunks a memo released in 2018 by the House Intelligence Committee and Adam Schiff.

Schiff had claimed at the time that his memo – a rebuttal to a highly publicized GOP memo alleging government surveillance abuse – would “help inform the public of the many distortions and inaccuracies in the majority memo.”

Instead, the IG report mostly confirms what the Republican memo had stated while Schiff and the Democrats have been exposed as liars bubble shooter for pc for free.

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According to Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist, analysis of the report shows that Schiff has been proven wrong on seven key points xbox one demos herunterladen.

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Those points included claims that the FBI and DOJ officials did not omit information from the FISA warrant and that the DOJ had provided evidence that backed up the Steele dossier tiptoi file download.

“Each of these claims were found by Horowitz to be false,” Hemingway writes.

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“Horowitz found that FBI and DOJ officials did, in fact, omit critical material information from the FISA warrant” and that “material facts were not just omitted but willfully hidden through doctoring of evidence.”


Schiff, As He Is Prone To Do, Countered With Lies

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It’s important to remember just how reckless Schiff was in releasing the rebuttal to the GOP effort herunterladen.

His reflexive actions came because the Democrats simply had to counter what had been released in the Republican memo, which contained shocking information about surveillance abuse committed against the Trump campaign herunterladen.

Hemingway broke down all seven points and outline why Schiff’s memo was riddled with lies, noting that the IG report found that key points in the GOP memo, alternatively, “were found to be true.”

Not only had he lied, which is no surprise, but Schiff was accused of releasing classified information of his own in the memo gnumeric herunterladen.


Schiff Spoke of FISA Transparency … On Russian Media

Schiff, having provably lied about the FISA application process, once appeared on a news station he once described as “the Kremlin’s propaganda outfit” to discuss efforts to make the process more transparent facebook messenger chat.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman made his FISA court transparency comments on RT, which, in a congressional hearing in March, he described as a “slick propaganda” outfit and the “Kremlin’s media arm.”


Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted how alarming it was for a Russia conspiracy theorist like Schiff to appear on a network required by the U.S. to register as a foreign agent due to the likelihood that it is “engaging in anti-U.S. messaging likely aimed at undermining U.S. trust in government procedures.”

“Who would go on a channel like that?” Carlson rhetorically asked. “None other than one Adam Bennett Schiff of Burbank, California.”

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

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