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HOLDER: “Strikes me to hear the white House saying we want to listen to the F.B.I. And the justice Department before we make a determination on the release of the Schiff memo. Really? Really? Did you listen to the F.B.I. And the Justice Department when you made the determination to release the nunes memo?”

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HEMMER: “He is talking a lot elster 2017 for free. That’s the former AG Eric Holder mocking the White House decision to vet that Democratic memo. It’s apparently 10 pages in length. Despite the reports of sources and methods being included in said memo by a multiple factor. Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor, Fox News contributor with me now. And sir, good day to you. Listen, I — I think they vetted the Republican memo, too; 3 1/2 pages of that ark kostenlosen pc. What do you see at work here once that Democratic memo comes out?”

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HUCKABEE: “Well first of all, a lot of the things — yeah, I mean, let’s be clear. A lot of the stuff that Eric Holder was saying was just political nonsense and rhetoric. And, you know that’s fine. That’s what people do at those kind of events deutsche serien herunterladen. But he said a couple of things that were utterly dishonest, one of which was that the president is disparaging the Justice Department and FBI. That’s not true. He’s made it clear over and over that he respects the institutions and the rank and file, but what he does not respect is when people at the highest levels abuse their badge, their guns, and their power and they go after people for political views schufa auskunft kostenlos herunterladen. And we increasingly see that. That’s not going after the institutions it’s trying to preserve the integrity of them, which has been compromised by people like Peter Strzok, and Lisa page, and Andrew McCabe, and Bruce Ohr, and a host of other people who shouldn’t even be getting a government paycheck. And Eric Holder can’t defend that. You know, some of the things that he said, I want to say Eric, you sure are talking a lot. Why didn’t you go and talk to Congress herunterladen? You didn’t. You ended up getting something very rare, which is a contempt of Congress citation because you wouldn’t talk. I just wish he had been as forthcoming with his comments when he was attorney general and was trying to be held accountable for his actions in that role.”

HEMMER: “He had words for the current attorney general, Jeff Sessions. He has been talking a lot. Interview on MSNBC last night. The question from Rachel Maddow. Listen to the answer here.”

HUCKABEE: “Would you make a better president?”

HUCKABEE: “I think any one of my kids would make a better president than Donald Trump windows 8 update herunterladen. But I think there are any number of people who would be a better president than the person we now have.”

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HEMMER: “Joe Biden in the same week called the president a bully. Eric Holder, I think might be running for office. Joe Biden I think might be running for office. The point, governor, is the list is growing long and they all have one singular target zoo empire german for free. Do you see it that way?”

HUCKABEE: “I sure do. But if any of them think that they can improve the economy as much as this president has and help people get their crumbs, those 1,000 to 2500 bonuses that make a difference in most middle class households. If we can reduce regulations 22 for every one that gets added. If they can take care of ISIS and destroy almost 100% of their ability to control property futura bold. If they can increase religious liberty across our country and the world. If they can bring new respect for the United States, if they can open up Jerusalem and recognize it as the capital, then sure, they have a platform. They had power for years and they did none of that. Good luck in trying to tell us what a great president you would be and how much better than Donald Trump herunterladen. Because he has some real accomplishments that really affect Americans who get their paychecks every week and today and tomorrow people will be getting their paychecks and when they do they will say thank you, Mr. President. Not thank you, Joe Biden and certainly not thank you, Eric Holder.”

HEMMER: “Short today. Breaking news at the top of the hour. Thank you for being here powerpoint to computer. We’ll talk real soon.”