CUOMO: “Joining us now exclusively, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. Good to see you.

HUCKABEE SANDERS: “Good to see you.”

CUOMO: “You’re always welcome. Thank you for taking the invitation.”


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CUOMO: “You and I have seen a lot of States of the Union. Although I’m much older than you.”

HUCKABEE SANDERS: “You said that, not me.”


CUOMO: “Facts first. That room last night was grossly divided. I’ve never seen Nancy Pelosi’s face like that. The president made some outreach to them but focusing mostly on the Republican side. How can he unify that room?”

HUCKABEE SANDERS: “I think doing exactly what he did last night. And I’m going to be a little in disagreement with you. I think Nancy Pelosi looks like that all the time. I think she should smile a lot more often. I think the country would be better for it. She seems to kind of embody the bitterness that belongs in the Democrat Party right now. I think last night was a good step forward. Hopefully, they can let go of some that. They have to make a big decision. They need to decide, Chris, do they love America more than they hate this president, and are they willing to put some of those differences aside, come together and do what’s right for this country.”