Huckabee: Leakers in W.H. Who Can’t Keep their Pie Hole Shut Should Get Tongues Cut Out



>> Trade to as he returns home from the so-called mainstream media has at every turn tried to make sure the focus has stayed on Russia and Comey and nonchurch Kushner. The “Washington Post,” trump mauls staff shakeup an effort to contain escalating Russia crisis. We did a little bit of research in politics and headlines the past couple months. It seems like the long knives are out for everybody in it they are all still there. Knives are out for someone. Knives out for Sudan in. Knives out for H.R. Mcmaster. It goes on and on. Even Donald Tom will soon resign according to the independent. Why does this never stop? What do you make of this? A lot of knives.
HUCKABEE: “Well, the critics forget great line from Sean Connery and the untouchables. Ever bring a knife to a gunfight. Donald Trump and his team, they are in a gunfight. These guys are bringing knives. It is part of the that they cannot accept, and I want to remind them, Hillary lost. Trump one. You may not like it. You may not agree with the policies, but up, buttercup because this is what we will experience. He has a right to govern, a mandate to govern. It is amazing to me that these stories continue to pour out. I will tell you the serious side to this. The leaks have to stop and if there is a knife somewhere, it ought to be cutting out the tongue of whoever in the White House can’t keep their pie hole shut. Somebody has got to realize that there cannot be these leaks going out day after day. It is a disservice not just to the president. It is a disservice for the United States.

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