When students from Victory Christian Center School in Charlotte, N.C., needed a name for their model rocket, set to compete in a national competition, it didn’t take them long to come up with a solution.

The rocket was named – Trump.



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A high-ranking government official with the same name took notice, inviting the science team to the White House.

The students gathered in the Oval Office with the President, who asked them why they named the rocket after him.

Because “it conquers all,” one student explained.

Trump’s reaction is priceless, earning the student a personal handshake from the most powerful man in the free world.

The President then quipped, “They’re never going to put that on television.”


He was right. This White House visit occurred last month. Did you hear a word about it?

At least Fox News covered the story:

President Donald Trump is celebrating a student model rocket named after … him.

Trump asked the students from Victory Christian Center School in Charlotte, North Carolina, why the rocket was named for him.

A student replied, “Simply because it conquers all.” Trump then said “they’re never going to put that on television,” referring to the reporters who were brought into the Oval Office for the visit.

The students are among 100 teams scheduled to compete Saturday in the finals of the Team America Rocketry Challenge, a national competition being held in Northern Virginia.

In the end however, the Trump rocket didn’t quite conquer all, failing to reach the top-24 finalist category in the field of 100 competitors.

The students didn’t complain however, having earned a visit to the White House they won’t soon forget.

Had they named the rocket “Hillary” they probably would have demanded a participation trophy, asked for a recount, blamed Russian rocket hacking, and kept boasting about being the most popular rocket in the competition.

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