Hillary Takes In THREE TIMES As Much Hedge Fund Money As ’08 Obama

Hillary Clinton has taken in roughly three times the amount of donations from hedge funds than Barack Obama did in ’08.

Hedge funds have contributed $122 million to this election cycle, $48.5 million of which to Hillary’s campaign. Comparing these numbers with Donald Trump (who has allotted just $19,000 from hedge funds), Hillary has $48,000,000 more than Trump from hedge funds.

Trump is an anomaly among Republicans — who so far this campaign cycle have gotten in excess of $65.8 million from hedge funds.

Juxtaposing Clinton’s numbers with hedge fund contributions in 2008, one finds an interesting discrepancy. Democratic party candidates, in 2008, received just $14 million from hedge funds, reports Market Watch.

Clinton’s $108 million dollar jump is an interesting figure, considering she has purported that she will confront Wall Street and big business.


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