What Hillary Said on Israeli TV Will Make Your Blood Boil – What the Hell?

During an interview on Israeli television, Hillary Clinton sank to a new low in her quest to defeat Donald Trump, claiming that ISIS “supports” Donald Trump.

The former Secretary of State, whose foreign policy led to the rise of ISIS in the Middle East, said they are “rooting for Donald Trump’s victory.”

That’s when she dropped even lower, claiming the terrorist organization says “Oh, please Allah, make Trump president of America.”


Via Israel Nation News:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gave her first interview to an Israeli media outlet this election season, sitting down for an exclusive interview with Israel’s Channel 2 that is set to air Thursday evening.

Clinton ripped into Republican nominee Donald Trump during the interview, claiming that his campaign rhetoric had bolstered the ISIS terror group.

When asked by interviewer Yonit Levi whether she would, if elected president, she would pursue the war on ISIS differently than her predecessor and, specifically, if she would refer to the conflict as a “war on radical Islam” – noting that the Obama administration has shied away from referencing “radical Islam” – Clinton suggested use of such terminology could actually strengthen Islamic terror.

Liberals have such a disturbing version of reality that they actually believe words speak louder than actions. That “campaign rhetoric” is more responsible for terrorism than the ideology behind it. That defining the enemy creates more enemies, rather than the enemy already waging war with us.

Trump remains the only candidate with a realistic understanding of the threat ISIS represents. That is why the military and veterans strongly support his presidency.

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