Hillary Clinton delivered remarks on the economy earlier this week, and in doing so provided one of the emptiest phrases conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer has ever heard from a presidential candidate.

Bear in mind, this is on the heels of a man being swept into office using the empty phrase ‘Hope and Change.’

‘Hope and change’ has been reduced even further in Krauthammer’s opinion, as Clinton trotted out the phrase ‘forward toward the future’ during her speech.

In fact, at one point she dumbed it down even further, going with the phrase “the only way forward is forward.”

“He (Trump) thinks the only way forward is to go back to a past prosperity that left a lot of people out,” Clinton spouted. “And in fact, the only way forward is forward towards a 21st century version of the American dream, with a modern economy and a shared prosperity where no one is left out or left behind.”

She concluded, “I believe in America where we’re always moving towards the future.”

Krauthammer unloaded on the silliness of her new platitude.

“Now, every creature on Earth from the crustacean to the United States of America is moving forward toward the future,” he explained. “There is nowhere else to move.”

He went on to explain that the words she was using are representative of her campaign as a whole – it’s empty.

“This is about the emptiest phrase of a presidential candidate can offer,” Krauthammer asserted. “It’s the essence of her campaign. She doesn’t have anything other than the fact that I’m here. I’m competent and that’s it. Status quo.”

He went on to add that her economic speech actually reveals some good news for the Republican contender.

“Trump is lucky in running against the one person who at a time of deep discontent really has nothing on her plate.”

Check out Krauthammer’s analysis below …


Krauthammer indicated that the speech was more about Trump than about what Hillary could do as president.

“Endless attacks on Trump,” he said. “Nothing proposed on her side.”

Would you expect anything significant coming from a woman whose plan for the economy is “the only way forward is forward?”

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