First up, here’s a hypothetical – If Republican lawmakers marched in a parade that featured a banner reading “radical Islam kills” it’d be accurate, but the media would make them denounce it and apologize…right?

So when some of the most prominent Democrat politicians in the country attend a pride parade that ‘honored’ the victims of the Orlando terrorist attack with a bunch of far-left kooks who carried a banner that falsely blames Republicans for that attack, they would logically have to denounce it and apologize. Right?

Don’t hold your breath.

But that’s exactly what happened this weekend in New York City, where a gay pride parade designed to “honor Orlando victims” featured a huge rainbow banner saying “Republican hate kills.” The parade was attended by Hillary Clinton, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and fake Reverend Al Sharpton.

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Yahoo News described the gay pride parade as a march “to celebrate gay pride, honor those killed in the Florida gay nightclub massacre, and promote tolerance.”

The exact opposite happened however, the moment liberals dishonored the memory of the victims of Orlando by ignoring facts and attributing ‘Republican hate’ as a precursor to the attack.


Via the Guardian:

For Marian Holmes, 24, a business owner from Long Island, Pride 2016 was still a celebration, but it also had a more serious tone.

“It’s all fun and games and rainbow flags, but there are still people dying,” she said in reference to the attack in Orlando on 12 June, which killed 49 and wounded 53.

Frustration over Congressional inaction on gun control reform since the Orlando attack was evident. Marchers and spectators held signs reading “Gays against guns”. One group carried a giant rainbow banner which read: “Republican hate kills.”

Members of Clinton’s campaign staff also stoked the fires of hatred towards Republicans, wearing shirts that read: “Love trumps hate.

Need an example of just how ignorant those in attendance were? Check out this quote from Luis Lopez-Maldonado, who said that if Trump wins the presidency, he would be “kicked out” of the country because he’s gay.

“Gay rights are on the line,” he said. “That’s really hard to think about … if [Donald] Trump wins, we’re gone. Whatever we are, we will not have support. I would be kicked out, even if I was born here and I had degrees.”

How exactly does spreading lies and misinformation honor the victims of Orlando? Absolutely disgusting. Every Democrat that marched in this parade should denounce the banner immediately.

They won’t though. Facts are not important to the Democrat Party. Pandering for votes remains paramount to their very existence.

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