This Picture Perfectly Captures Hillary’s Enthusiasm Problem With Millennials

Hillary Clinton has a millenial problem.

No, no … Not a mental problem. A millenial problem.

The Democrat nominee for president is suffering from a major enthusiasm gap with young voters, so much so that The Atlantic panicked in a recent headline which screamed Millennial Voters May Cost Hillary Clinton the Election.’

They explained, “Clinton struggled among millennial voters in her 2008 primary campaign, her 2016 primary campaign, and in the 2016 general election.”

Should Hillary supporters be concerned?

If this image is any indicator, the enthusiasm gap is even worse than anyone could have anticipated:


Via the American Mirror:

As intensity for the presidential campaigns should be growing, Hillary Clinton’s rally venues seem to be shrinking.

Hillary will be appearing at Temple University’s Mitten Hall this afternoon for what is calling an “organizing event” — in other words, a rally.

Photos show the small venue with only five rows of chairs.

Meanwhile, some used the small location as a place to catch up on some sleep.

Fox News producer Jesse Watters found one millennial leaning against a pillar, mouth gaping open and fast asleep.

Honestly, is there any image that is a better microcosm of the Hillary campaign than one of a slumbering liberal with their mouth wide open, catching flies on the floor?

Vanity Fair recently analyzed a possible future loss for Hillary in the elections, writing “Hillary Clinton could lose the election because Millenials don’t like her.”

Well, most of America doesn’t like her, but that’s neither her nor there.

Meanwhile, that same speech where the young lady featured above was out like a light? Clinton tore the house down with an electric speech. Just kidding, check it out …


Looks more like a casting call for the Walking Dead.

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