Ya know, this is starting to become an epidemic.

In a completely appropriate metaphor for what she plans on doing to the country, yet another American flag has collapsed at the sight of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Watch as she heroically makes her way to the fallen flag to lift it off the floor like this Ohio teenager did.

Just kidding, Clinton didn’t even blink. Perhaps she’s grown accustomed to fallen flags in her presence.

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To be fair, it didn’t happen exactly in front of her. But it is very close. And instead of directing aide, Huma Abedin, or some other Democrat in the room to go pick up the flag, you can see Hillary is all set to turn away and head out the door. She’s even prepared to swat at a falling balloon rather than tend to the flag.

Click here for a longer version of the incident. Nobody goes over to get the flag. Clinton simply continues toward the door, gives a little wave, and walks out.

Earlier this month, we reported on an older video which showed several flags seemingly running for their lives at the sight of Hillary.

It’s also not the only time the American flag tried to make a break for it in Hillary’s presence.


Previously this campaign season, the American flag was pictured lying in a heap on the floor, left behind by Hillary supporters.

The American flag is steeped in symbolism. It is a symbol of our nation’s laws.

Hillary has very little interest in adhering to laws.

It’s almost as if the flags and God are trying to warn us about something.

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