Hillary Gets Her First Post-Political Job

Famous people who are down on their luck sometimes tend to do extreme things just to stay in the spotlight.

Such is the case for two-time loser and failed politician Hillary Clinton.

She’s gone from First Lady, to Senator, to Secretary of State, on to presidential candidate and now … shoe model.

Indeed, it appears Clinton has been reduced to hawking shoes for singer Katy Perry, who designed a specific line just for the Democrat known as ‘The Hillary.’

Via People:

Over the course of her life, Hillary Clinton has had many important titles bestowed upon her…

Now she can add “fashion muse” and “footwear model” to the list, thanks to Katy Perry, who designed a pair of pumps in her honor, dubbing them The Hillary. And when Clinton got her hands on a pair of the baby pink pumps, she was more than happy to show them off to their best effect for Perry’s Instagram.

Perry posted a candid image of Clinton to her social media account on Monday night featuring the career politician beaming into the camera with arms outspread so as to draw the eye to her new kicks (a pro touch).

Check out shoe model Hillary below …


Yikes. This is as bad as the time George Costanza became a hand model in Seinfeld.

Still, Hillary is a pro alright. We’ve obtained exclusive footage of Hillary practicing as a runway model for the new shoes …


The shoes are described as ‘millenial-pink’ since ‘septuagenarian-pink’ doesn’t roll off the tongue. Theyretail at $139, or roughly 0.05% of what Hillary makes per speech.

Perry has long been a vocal supporter of Clinton’s, providing her entrance music on the campaign trail and even actively campaigning for her during the 2016 presidential election.

She presented Hillary with the UNICEF Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award after the election, breaking down and weeping at the sight of her muse.

Now it appears Hillary is paying her back a bit by helping to model her shoes. Let’s hope Perry doesn’t ask her to actually start selling them like a new version of Al Bundy.

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