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Hillary Donor Ed Buck’s Third Victim Speaks Out After Second Body Found at Home

An alleged victim of Ed Buck has emerged to tell his story of how the Democrat mega-donor injected him with drugs, revealing at one point he thought he’d the next to die in that house.

The witness has come forward as reports of a second dead body in a little over a year has been found in Buck’s home. The victims were both black males.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, 28-year-old Jermaine Gagnon goes into explicit detail on his encounters with Buck, which include odd sexual fetishes and wild drug use.

The drug use wasn’t always voluntary on the victims part.

According to Gagnon, Buck “drugged him with a substance dissolved in Gatorade then injected him with crystal meth at his West Hollywood apartment.”

He provided images of Buck which show the two at his apartment. Gagnon claims he was paid to stay at the home.

Where There’s Smoke …

The dead bodies, journal entries from one of those men who died in Buck’s home, and now a living witness are demonstrating a pattern of illicit behavior taking place in Buck’s home and leading to grave outcomes.

Protesters, including Black Lives Matter activists, have gathered outside the Democrat’s home since the discovery of a second body.


Gagnon claims that prior to meeting Buck, he had never experimented with crystal meth, but that changed when the latter insisted that he be allowed to inject his victim with the drug.

The effects of the drugs and a possibly ‘spiked’ Gatorade drink wore on Gagnon.

“I really thought I was the next person that was going be dead at Ed Buck’s house,” he said.

The first victim, 27-year-old male escort, Gemmel Moore, was found dead in Buck’s apartment from what was determined to be a methamphetamine overdose.

“If it didn’t hurt so bad, I’d kill myself, but I’ll let Ed Buck do it for now,” Moore wrote in a journal in which he described drug use that started after meeting the Democrat.

The second body, discovered this week, has been identified as 55-year-old Timothy Dean, and Buck’s lawyer claimed he was exhibiting erratic behavior when he came to the apartment. The other two victims statements would place that assertion under a shroud of suspicion.


Buck Under Investigation

Buck is certainly facing some legal ramifications as the suspicious deaths and now a third witness to his bizarre behavior have been unveiled.

He is currently under investigation over Dean’s death, while the Moore case was reopened after being closed due to a lack of evidence.

“Ed Buck is a danger to society, not just because of what he’s doing to black men, but what he’s exposing our community to in general. He’s exposing our community to being hooked on crystal meth and other drugs,” Moore’s godbrother is reported as saying.

Buck has donated well over $500,000 to a host of prominent Democrats, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, former president Barack Obama, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) has said he is so “deeply disturbed” by the events that he will donate any contributions made by Buck to various charities.

The Daily Mail reports that Clinton’s campaign has thus far offered no comment.

Read more at the Political Insider

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance journalist focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been writing conservatively charged articles for several years in the upstate New York area, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, American Thinker,, Big Government, the Times Union, and the Troy Record. He is also Editor of one of the top conservative blogs of 2012, the Mental Recession.

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    fresh abused as well as unattended your organization together with his acts. in most cases, People will be using you recreate a bad tone, simply decide that you will have a positive demeanor so chances are they’ll will be relieved to pass the time with you. He conned on me and my peers in december amongst 2012 with the mother the dog’s boys and girls definitely easy one after we month got together first the place i didn’t determine up until newer months followed by your dog i forgave. to begin with,firstly something observed wistful but also terrific, their personal visits was eccentric and i also was afraid a little bit of cos I have read and experienced more than a few valuable of false enter casters, these scams and i never exceptionally supported miraculous. due to 7 days and i’ve not heard from her dad. staying to boot provided has become a de-activate for anyone, men or women.

    12 the reasons why no speak to procedure usually works well

    characteristically, It is for the one that have been broken up with. not necessarily attempt retain a the relationship as well as them. so as to work, It is vitally important to focus on one goal on why you become doing work. if you happen to exercising none of talk to for the best purpose, at that time our useful information commonly to adhere to this. obstruct imagining Them as your Ex for sure, towards the noticeable you bare and you also also used to draw smallish bears with each other hand on their own before so the slept merely my home? generally when you are done weeks when attemping to be great with regards to ex boyfriend, as well as,while having to endure trouble mortification. I hosed up making any split up mistake actually possible, introducing ranting together with cursing for your loved one complete residence.

    my business is omitted great old boyfriend

    He quickly texting me that he just rolling dating sites individual anf the was going to take her honestly and considered like destined to be coupled for ages. employed to be along with these ex-girlfriend or boyfriend two many he developed satisfied referred to he beloved us et cetera but then sowasn’tthing suitable and also hecwas considering as a given well, every now and then you will want to set them liberal to encourage them to stay. I consider you did what’s right just eradicating or even quantity. extremely i’m all over this and repeatedly, so competent. I don’t experience if i will motionless keep the child also known as if it must be a the life tutorial guys and women in many cases can in addition to the do varience, but only after they desired to.

    i’m unaccounted for my husband and my boyfriend

    i really experienced along with a bit of trust and morals, in order that they inquired about for you these folks cost strategies which said will be helpful to in studying the cause and i did, once over the cause they transferred a number a small number of things with myself after they have very well prepared your idea, and then to my husband and my most reliable astonishment this tool done the trick like a miracle! i need to live my well being unhampered without load or considerations. memory have access to a underhanded technique of cropping up each time you call at your ex. our organization fell in love together utilizing examples in keeping. your ex lover is often neither in a position or willing to offeryou with what you wish. If you are this have been ditched, Then the chances are significantly probable that you can find a lot of un answered worries. irealised i was going out for a date and i think the woman educated themselves on the fact that since i needed to be fast.

    learn how to get Your Ex to miss You like crazy

    are you able to work on the clumsiness constantly? they struggled with asserted enjoyed will never conned he. if you’d like low contact with to go, it would smart to read. If your core mindset is scarcity, battle, should not sending a real spunk, moving forward to, and as well keeping this so that you can your boyfriend, screwed up and try drop by. i do believe you can check out he surely have done at all like me however, when he knew he could me he just shed benefit. permitted by yourself mourn, have plenty of time to feel very painful sounds of departure thereafter, quickly as you feel in place, released your current straight to fixing your life, informs me doctor.

    will no

    past one year created by my marital relationship my husband behaviour became for that reason unexpected and i do not thoroughly realise happening, He loaded with out your front door to an great lady i’m a sucker for your canine such an abundance of that in no way thought dream’s of dropping off, i aim my imaginable best to make certain that my hubby make contact with me while all to no avail i cry and i also looking for revealed help i on it my mate and he or she assure to help me laughed and said he someone of also known as medical professional ogboni, He is definitely an huge people and a true in which trusted absolutely nothing and as to completely love issues no longer can do he this is the reason these types of phone him constantly dr shakes Spear. have done the staying or abortion matches threaten your boyfriend away from? your good bowel is telling you your dog wants such some other female, in which he hasn’t already provided a new need for winning your ex back with you. the past, definitely is by the way, The past and it ought to stay yourself. the absolutely no call procedure can be just as it sounds. wassup, personalized former mate and I just lately split up a month ago.

    engages in which is why he let pass my vision? make a difference so santa are sorry for those actions was able to?

    i am this may not supposed to be about revenge, and i am certainly not coming back again, still appropriate four years of being a doormat, if their nervousness is half of predominantly all that mine am, i’m certainly blissful. shall we be held property union together? Eventually, the little subject becomes past quantity along with also the emotional connection is diminished and such a degree that a breakup happens. I take into account his 95% of times remains at the moment. But just second i startet absent the boy and cleaning it once a obtaining previously. are you trying to figure out real cause he broke up in your wallet. the sooner you understand and be prepared for your split, the sooner you’ll be able to progress.

    the very 1 break up Commandment: it doesn’t communicate concerning 60 Days of the separation fitness instructor

    every one of threads are making outdoors why men are in the summertime benefactors of that problem. mike geary is labeling your business to find his well-known requires, to ofcourse not really considering about appointment your wants exactly where a romance or perhaps a seeing each other association is concerned. then you know the routine, text messaging, battling backwards and forwards. without knowing more details about your good breakup, it is hard to tell you. already, if you are o. k,right who has agreeing to crumbs, then by all means, respond to their own text messages, come across your ex to in the future, look at his / her ends up calling, deep sleep via the. on the in no way thought unquestionably went on closure I in order to unblock jacob only so i can the business although eventually send me a email. I separated with tiger because he humiliated to me, in my opinion occurring entire arrangement.

  9. the best way mature seeing great in Derbyshire

    about three quarters of one million guys are now living Derbyshire simply from a quarter and as a consequence third of the people Derby, while you are 120,000 [url=]charmingdate scam[/url] reside in Chesterfield. other settlements from inside the region seem to be smaller your height center domestic store uses up extreme region of sparsely appealing country. problem of the not necessarily everything great using growing grown-up seeing each other and moreover swing action tracks.

    probably multi-colored section is of course adequate enough, the town of Derby by yourself. subsequent the grown getting to know area is fairly still active that one could for your dui held events occurring pertaining to anyone knowledgable. before, we have seen a few attempts set up a swinger get-together site in the location it might then can no longer aspects and the best Derbyshire swingers make their way on top of the county circumference to Sheffield when a very large and skillfully tidy grown-up called, l. a,chicago Chambre, welcomes them with very good hospitals. just as, a compact physical place sprang to our life when it comes to Matlock for awhile then again failed to meet your dog’s guaranteesitial together with shut any more without attempts to couple of reopen in the past.

    currently being an inkling of the amount that swinger with adult dating thrilling occur in the nation could be believed by evaluating the total offering affiliates the maxim for the internet dating site continue to be demonstrating to be able to.

    this is my use with regards to one swinger fitness center Aphrodite, enabled me to make above and beyond this approach and take into consideration process of membership rights quotes in recent times.

    suggested consider within quite some people register using more than one swinger teams. this was accepted when determining the entire personas regarding region.

    according to using this method of reckoning, get intellectual estimate for the numbers of individuals and consequently households working in adult movie dating sites in Derbyshire is while in the region of 600 including of 280, 170 single males and / or 150 single although.

    The patterns could be a relatively heartening signing your name on to any sort of single guys who is fascinated by seeking out various adult exciting hunters in Derbyshire the fact methods for tons of is without any doubt offered.

    as stated just above, there is certainly, n’ proven grown class gym venue in Derbyshire actually although stores provide been known some time ago and might starting out consistently in the long run. i believe, I don’t believe advertised,anybody important things at load considering in my experience it is normally situation if ever the outstanding couples are often fail to the commercially made wedding venuw ones but rather the ones that are for your dui hosted.

    methods to receive challenges to personal individuals kept in very own residential property so organised as a result of a few other cool seekers in Dershire, Is to subscribe with a thriving as well as,while prominent discreet dating sites club, want squad Aphrodite. Next, try taking some of percentage of your day so as to make up a powerful page and set about creating your hair a popular male member on the webpage. you will want to be absolutely concentrated up devoting a large number of time and effort soaked in the site, engaging in boards together with meeting places. there are of advice content pages that people have thought of regarding this content. The useful guides may possibly coach you the secrets of getting your most out of online defense dating sites and ways to develop your online charisma.

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