In a bizarre Memorial Day tweet, Hillary Clinton celebrated Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus response with a picture of the pair laughing and smiling, but completely ignored any commentary about military personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country netflix app cannot.

The former First Lady lamented the fact that she would be missing the Memorial Day parade in Chappaqua, complete with a photo of she, her husband Bill Clinton, and Cuomo yukking it up herunterladen.

“I’m missing our Chappaqua Memorial Day parade today while also feeling grateful to leaders like [Cuomo] for making responsible decisions to keep people safe,” she tweeted loom kostenlos downloaden.

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“Wishing everyone a safe and healthy holiday,” Mrs. Clinton added. “[Bill] and I will be waving our flags at home.”

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Bizarre on Two Fronts

Clinton’s Memorial Day message is strange and disrespectful on two fronts word download for free 2013.

One, it was the only tweet she posted on the holiday meant to celebrate sacrifices made by our military men and women.

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Two, Cuomo is currently embroiled in a scandal that saw New York issue an order forcing nursing homes to take on patients that had tested positive for coronavirus, costing an untold number of lives herunterladen.

Cuomo who, like Hillary does his best to deflect blame and point to false reasons for the deaths of American citizens, attempted to blame President Trump whatsapp ipad downloaden.

In reality, he is the only person who issued an order on March 25th stating, “No resident shall be ­denied readmission or admission to [nursing homes] solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19,” then failed to reverse the directive for six weeks as deaths mounted wie kann ich von icloud fotos herunterladen.

Well over 5,000 people have died in New York nursing homes due to the pandemic.


Hillary Blasted hillary clinton memorial day

Mrs. Clinton was rightfully ratioed and blasted by followers on Twitter.

One person even posted a picture of a sign hanging from a bridge that reads, “Cuomo killed my Mom.”

“By responsible decisions,” comedian Tim Young responded, “you of course mean killing thousands of elderly people by putting COVID patients in nursing homes with them.”


President Trump shared a powerful message about America overcoming the pandemic and rising to greatness once again on Memorial Day.

“As one nation we mourn alongside every single family that has lost loved ones, including the families of our great veterans,” the President said in a speech.

“Together, we will vanquish the virus and America will rise from this crisis to new and even greater heights,” he continued. “No obstacle, no challenge, and no threat is a match for the sheer determination of the American people.”

Those are the words of a truly responsible leader. Cuomo and Clinton wouldn’t know what that is.

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