Hillary Clinton: Kavanaugh Will Bring America Back to the Times of Slavery

Hillary Clinton recently implied that the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court would bring America back to the days of slavery.

When you ratchet up the outrage to 11 on every single topic, people start tuning you out.

Such is the case with Democrats who have spent years calling conservatives and Republicans ‘racist’ with every single topic in every single news cycle. They’re being tuned out.

In 2016, Clinton referred to conservatives that had been demonized for eight years under Barack Obama by labeling them “deplorables,” and they finally had enough.

Problem is, Clinton doesn’t know how to stop referring to anybody and everybody on the opposite side of the political aisle as a racist.

Now we have a Supreme Court nominee in Kavanaugh, a distinguished gentleman by anybody’s measure, being accused by the former First Lady of trying to bring America back to the times of slavery.

“This nomination holds out the threat of devastating consequences for workers’ rights, civil rights, LGBT rights, women’s rights,” Clinton said at a speech to the American Federation of Teachers on Friday. “It is a blatant attempt by this administration to shift the balance of the Court for decades and to reverse decades of progress.”

“I used to worry that [the GOP] wanted to turn the clock back to the 1950s. Now I worry they want to turn it back to the 1850s,” she added.

The abolition of slavery came about with passage of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution in 1865.

WATCH: Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton implied that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would bring back slavery if confirmed to the Supreme Court. https://t.co/9ZSInkfJvT

— NTK Network (@NTKNet) July 13, 2018


Hey, has anybody told Hillary that it was the Republicans who were fighting to end slavery in America, while the Democrats fought to preserve it?

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. once revealed in an interview for the book “Bamboozled” that, “There is no doubt that the Democratic Party is the party of the Confederacy, historically, that the Democratic Party’s flag is the Confederate flag.”

“Secessionists in the South saw themselves as Democrats and were Democrats,” he added. “That so much of the Democratic Party’s history, since it is our nation’s oldest political party, has its roots in slavery.”

We’re pretty sure the President does not want to return the United States back to a time when Democrats openly supported slavery, Mrs. Clinton.

This further explains why she’s NOT the President

— Ken (@DigikenKen) July 13, 2018


Her comments are reminiscent of others who have tried to demonize Republicans by saying they want to return to the days of slavery.

Joseph Biden, the current runner for the Democrat nomination in 2020, fairly recently made the claim that Republicans “don’t want black folks voting.”

In 2012, he told a predominantly black crowd in Virginia that the Republicans and Mitt Romney “wanted to put them all back in chains.”

Don’t be surprised if tomorrow the Democrats and the MSM say that judge Kavanaugh wants to restart slavery and take women’s voting rights away. #smearcampaigncoming

— Dark to Light (@pushforward40) July 10, 2018


Now Clinton is echoing those sentiments.

No surprise, but perhaps the woman who referred to African-Americans as superpredators should check herself before she makes such a wild claim.

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