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Hillary Clinton: I Didn’t Lose, the Election Was ‘Stolen’ From Me

Foolish me. We’re into 2019, and I had naïvely supposed that the squawking over Hillary Clinton’s election loss in 2016 had died down. Yet, as I noted yesterday, a new “scientific” study suggesting that Clinton’s loss was a result of Jon Stewart vacating his spot as host of “The Daily Show” has brought the tired topic back into the fore.

Hillary herself was nattering on about it Saturday night at an event in Los Angeles  titled “Evening with the Clintons,” where she advised 2020 Democratic hopefuls, “You can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you.”




The idea that Hillary thinks she ran the best campaign in 2016 is itself laughable, but the implication that the election was stolen really takes the cake. Recall Clinton’s tweet less than three weeks before the election:


Since her loss, she has spent much of her time fomenting division and unrest in the nation by doing the very thing she professed to worry that Trump would do.

Although the argument can be made that Clinton’s 2016 campaign was targeted by Russian interference efforts and that stolen emails from her campaign chairman that were leaked to the public, there is no getting around the fact that she ran one of the worst campaign on record. Apart from being devoid of any unifying message — she spoke simultaneously about continuing Barack Obama’s work and rejecting the past in favor of a clean slate — her campaign was run as just another Clinton scheme. She systematically overcharged her poorest campaign donors and was guilty of the same tax-avoidance scheme she accused the Trump campaign of perpetrating. When she did address the issues, her facts were often wrong or exaggerated.

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