Hillary Clinton Holds Bizarre Interview About the 2016 Election

It’s so habitual at this point, it’s embarrassing.

Hillary Clinton, during an interview at the Women for Women International Luncheon in New York, ran through a litany of reasons why she lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, none of which involved looking in a mirror and identifying herself as a terrible candidate and an even worse person.

There was James Comey and Wikileaks, misogyny, and of course, Vladimir Putin.

And while her tenuous grasp with honesty and reality should have leapt off the paper as a major factor in her loss, she proved the American people’s distrust of her is dead-on by offering up another easily provable lie.

One of the reasons she lost, you see, is because the debate moderators never asked her about what she would do to create jobs.

No seriously, she said that.

Hillary “kept waiting” for debate moderators to ask about jobs.

It was literally the first question of the first debate. pic.twitter.com/qlwe3fxJ1y

— Elliott Schwartz (@elliosch) May 2, 2017


Unfortunately for Clinton, that’s utterly and completely false. In fact, that question was the very first one posed to her at the very first debate moderated by Lester Holt.

Via the Washington Post:

However, another excuse offered by the former secretary of state is revisionist history of the highest order. Here is how Clinton recalled her debates with Donald Trump, at the Women for Women International Luncheon in New York:

“I kept waiting for the moment — you know, I’ve watched a million presidential debates in my life — and I was waiting for the moment when one of the people asking the questions would have said, “Well, so, exactly how are you going to create more jobs?” Right? I mean, I thought that, you know, at some moment that would happen. And I was ready for that moment.”

In reality, “that moment” did happen. In fact, it was the very first moment of the very first debate.

Here, have a look for yourself:


The Post summarized Clinton’s claims by saying it is “an idea that doesn’t square with what actually happened.”

Which is a really fancy way of saying she out-and-out lied. Yet again.

It’s time for Hillary to retire permanently, and just go away.

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