Running as a presidential candidate in 2008, Hillary Clinton ripped former President Bush saying, “He has not done what is needed to be done for our veterans.”  She added, “We have so many coming home who are injured and not being taken care of.”  Clinton also stated that taking care of our veterans is the “highest obligation” of the President.

“I think it is the highest obligation of the President, who is also our Commander-in-Chief, to take care of those who have served our nation.”


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There is no question what is going on with the VA scandal is as bad as it gets. There were dozens of dead veterans, their families have suffered, and there are quite possibly records that number in the multi-millions that have been deleted, only to hide the shortcomings.

If taking care of veterans was the “highest obligation” to Hillary Clinton back in 2008, why hasn’t anybody heard a peep out of her here in 2014?