Two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton, along with her daughter Chelsea, is expected to launch a film and television production company focused on women’s issues amazon videos herunterladen pc.

Now the former Secretary of State can produce her own videos and blame them for terrorist attacks. We kid!

The Hollywood Reporter notes that planning for the company is in the very early stages but the Clinton’s “may be going Hollywood.”

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More power to them software from amazon. As long as they’re not ‘going to the White House,’ let them use their free time however they see fit.

“The former presidential candidate and her daughter are exploring the idea of launching a film and television production company,” sources told the Reporter herunterladen. “The goal … will be to focus on stories that revolve around women.”

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A feminist production company herunterladen. The ‘What Happened?’ documentary written from the vantage point of a person who sees misogyny behind every corner is going to be lit soy luna staffel 2 herunterladen. Or perhaps a ‘Big Brother’ inspired reality show with a house full of beta males wearing pink hats? Or a movie – Dude, Where’s Wisconsin adb treiber herunterladen?

The jokes write themselves.

Copying the Obamas?

Seems Hillary is planning to do what she does best – following the Obamas but being a lot less successful in the process windows 10 microsoft.

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The movie streaming company Netflix currently has contracts with Barack and Michelle Obama, as well as boasting former National Security Adviser and Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, to their Board of Directors wie kann ich ein video aus youtube downloaden.


The Obamas vowed not to use their Netflix shows to respond directly to President Trump or Republicans in general synology photo station images.

Will Chelsea and Hillary be able to exercise the same restraint?

Will They Succeed?

The Clinton ladies have very little experience when it comes to film production, though Hillary has agreed to fill the role of executive producer for The Women’s Hour, a Steven Spielberg-produced series about the suffrage movement.

Chelsea meanwhile, was paid over $600,000 annually to do essentially nothing as a contributor to NBC News.

A play about Hillary’s failed presidential run in 2016 can be seen currently on Broadway and features Laurie Metcalf in the leading role.

Metcalf recently admitted that President Trump’s prospects of winning again in 2020 were giving her a panic attack.

“This is truly, truly upsetting and unsettling,” she told the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd, “and this low-grade panic attack I’ve been living under just went to orange. I had such high hopes of him being out of office before 2020.”

You can always commiserate with the Clintons over on their little network when Trump gets re-elected.

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