Here’s What ‘Land of the Free’ Means When Democrats Take Over

While the Senate is on recess this week, having pushed back a vote on health care legislation until after the break, it’s important to remember what Obamacare has represented for Americans the last several years – a massive tax on the people forcing them to buy a product.

In fact, when you think about it, there are so many facets of life in which liberal policies turn some basic function into a way to make money for the government.

The following meme explains this concept best …


Yes, the ‘being alive tax.’

Health care is such a ‘basic human right’ according to Democrats, that it needs to generate money for their coffers.

If it were a basic human right, nobody should have to pay for it!

Even the GOP, who struggles to come to a consensus on many topics, agrees that the Obamacare taxes have to go.

Via the Hill:

The near-consensus that House and Senate Republicans have reached on repealing ObamaCare taxes could boost their efforts to overhaul the tax code.

The draft healthcare bill Senate Republicans released on Thursday is similar to the House-passed bill on the ObamaCare taxes, repealing nearly all of them and delaying the “Cadillac” tax on high-cost health plans. While senators had considered keeping some of the taxes for longer than the House bill, they mostly stuck with the House plan, making only minor changes to the effective dates.

The Senate bill still faces hurdles to passage. But if it passes, it will remove an issue that otherwise might complicate Republicans’ work on tax reform.

All of the above mentioned taxes are liberal concepts. Meaning the Republican party, in trying to reform the tax code in this country, is the one true party trying to return America to the land of the free.

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