Here’s Why THIS Congresswoman Now Supports Second Amendment

It’s a real life near-tragedy that managed to shock Congresswoman Diane Black into reality, becoming an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment and concealed carry.

Unfortunately, that’s what it usually takes to get people to realize the importance of a right to bear arms – tragedy.

Black, in harrowing detail, revealed in a radio interview that she had been the victim of a vicious physical assault many years ago at the hands of three young men.

At the time, she didn’t have a gun for protection and suffered numerous injuries. The assailants also almost managed to get her into their car, which police explained meant she probably “would’ve never come back.”

The entire traumatic ordeal caused Black to get a concealed carry permit almost immediately.

Via the Daily Caller:

Tennessee Republican Rep. Diane Black revealed to Ralph Bristol on Nashville’s SuperTalk 99.7 WTN Monday she was a victim of a vicious physical assault over 15 years ago, an experience that made her an ardent supporter of Second Amendment rights.

Black recalled the day of the attack that she says happened on Nashville’s Vanderbilt University campus, and how she decided to get a concealed carry permit immediately thereafter.

“I was assaulted by three young men. I was beat up, my cheekbone was broken, they ruptured a disk in my back, and they tried to get me into a car, which the police told me, had they gotten me in a car, I would’ve never come back. Now I didn’t have a weapon at that time. I didn’t really understand how I could have, perhaps, saved myself some of those injuries,” she said.

“I could’ve made that incident a lot less dangerous for me if I’d had a gun to take care of it,” Black explained. “I now have a carry permit. I now feel safe because I am protecting myself.”

Listen to her frightening story below …


This – THIS – is the reality behind Democrat efforts to curb gun availability in the U.S. Dana Loesch flat-out called it a ‘war on women.’ Democrats push it as common sense gun legislation, but that common sense stems from the fact that anti-gunners actually believe women can and should defend themselves by using judo, ‘the buddy system,’ or ballpoint pens.

Guns, Black said, are a necessary right.

“No one should have that right taken away from us,” she said. “We’re given that right by the Second Amendment and we cannot allow that to be eroded by a bunch of people that don’t use common sense.”

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