Hate Crime ‘Victim’: It’s Funny How I Had Three B**ches Down

Ariel Agudio, one of the three black women charged with fabricating a racially motivated hate crime at SUNY Albany, was caught on a 911 call saying “I think it’s funny how I had three b**ches down.”

A previous release of 911 audio, of which there were multiple calls, showed Agudio had claimed the alleged hate crime was “so funny” because she “beat up a boy.”

In this recording (heard below), Agudio claims she “know(s) I have a black eye” before telling one of her surrounding friends “But I think it’s funny how I had three b**ches down.”

Throughout the first 911 call, Agudio can be heard with disdain in her voice for the dispatcher she is calling, odd for what was supposed to be an attempt at getting help after supposedly being beaten in a hate crime.

She repeatedly makes comments to people other than the dispatcher bragging about what had just happened.

The dispatcher asks, “Hey, can you talk to me so we can get this straightened out?”

Agudio responds with a flippant tone, “I was talking to someone else because you weren’t talking, thank you.”

After a bit of back and forth, the dispatcher says “I don’t know why you’re getting smart with me, I’m trying to help you.”

Agudio eventually gets in a meltdown and calls the dispatcher a “freaking ass” and says “you’re going to argue with me on a 911 call, f*** you.”

Ironically, she asks “This is recorded right?”

The tone of this 911 call, accompanied with other recordings in which Agudio mentions “it’s funny” because she “beat up a boy” helped unravel the story the three girls were trying to claim of a hate crime.

In late January, Agudio and her two friends claimed they were jumped by up to 20 white guys because they are black.


The fake hate crime sparked protests at SUNY Albany.  Members of the National Congress of Black Women and the Albany chapter of Black Lives Matter, showed signs of support for the women, demanding change in the form of hiring minority faculty and providing sensitivity training for University police.

Agudio and her fellow alleged ‘victims’ gave tearful speeches on campus.

SUNY Albany president Robert Jones, before having any of the facts straight and going solely on what he heard from the women, issued a statement saying he is “deeply concerned, saddened and angry about this incident.”

Even Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton dove into the controversy without having her facts straight:

There’s no excuse for racism and violence on a college campus. https://t.co/ADVghl4iEv -H

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) February 4, 2016

Once audio and video evidence on the CDTA bus surfaced, the three women quickly saw their stories unravel.

They have each now been charged with third degree assault, while two of the women were charged with falsely reporting an incident.

Charges were filed earlier this week against the three women, who each chose to plead not guilty. According to the charges, there were multiple victims who were struck multiple times by the three women.

UPD Timleine pt 1
Asha Burwell climbed over seat, struck victim Mary Glisson
Stuck victim Gabrielle Camacho
Briggs arrives, pulls ppl apart

— J.p. Lawrence (@JpLawrence3) February 29, 2016

UPD Timeline Pt 2
Agudio then strikes Glisson
Agudio strikes Gabrielle Camacho
Pulls hair of Marissa Camacho
Hits phone from Robert McCarthy

— J.p. Lawrence (@JpLawrence3) February 29, 2016

UPD Timeline pt 3
Agudio then strikes Robert McCarthy in head, face
Grinds hands in McCarthy’s face
Then strikes McCarthy ~7 more times

— J.p. Lawrence (@JpLawrence3) February 29, 2016

One investigator deemed the report filed by Agudio to be “false and baseless.”

One of the true victims endured cervical sprain and/or bruising.

It remains unclear if the victim who suffered cervical bruising was one of the “three b**ches” Agudio claims to have knocked down.

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