Will Joe Biden defeat President Trump?


KIMMEL: “Have you seen the reviews?”

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FORD: “Where’s the dog?”


KIMMEL: “There he is right there, ‘The Call of the Wild’ — Donald J. Trump, ‘This was a perfect call. It was a great call, not just a good call.’ So the reviews are really pouring in.”


FORD: “That’s the first thing that son of a bitch has done for me, ever.”


KIMMEL: “You know, Science Bob is a —“

FORD: “Speaking of science —“

KIMMEL: “Yeah, speaking of science — well, science has come under attack, hasn’t it?”

FORD: “You think?”

KIMMEL: “Yeah, I think so.”

FORD: “Out the door. We don’t believe in science anymore. Nobody here believes in science anymore, right?”

KIMMEL: “We can’t even believe in dogs anymore, thanks to…”