A new study by the Tax Policy Center at Market Watch indicates roughly 143 million Americans will see lower taxes in the year 2018.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a Republican effort to overhaul the tax system not seen in decades, will clearly benefit most Americans according to the study traktor dj kostenlosen vollversion deutsch.

“The good news is that there aren’t many who will pay higher taxes next year,” writes Steve Goldstein, D.C. Bureau Chief for Market Watch, “about 8.5 million, compared to the some 143 million who will get lower taxes.”

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Think about that for a moment – 143 million will pay less, compared to 8.5 million who will pay more wiso erneut downloaden. Assuming all others will remain flat, over 94 percent of working Americans will receive a break on their taxes in the new year. Just under 6 percent will have to pay more terrarium tven android.

Of course, Market Watch is sure to note the caveat that these cuts will “still fall mostly to the wealthy.”

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We’re looking at the chart above and thinking it seems to be a pretty fair set up herunterladen. The tax cuts are on a general upward trend as income rises. People who put more money into the system, those who earn more and more, will receive greater tax breaks iphone youtube videosen. Why? They’re doing more for the economy! Why is that so difficult to understand?


Higher income earners are typically those who employ lower income earners blink xt2 video herunterladen. They’ll use that extra cash on hand to either re-invest into their companies or businesses, or they’ll create more jobs.

We’ve seen evidence of this almost immediately upon passage of the tax cuts, with companies such as Boeing and AT&T announcing investments into, or bonuses for, their employees herunterladen.


“Companies are already making big payments to workers,” President Trump boasted. “Dems … hate these big Cuts!”

He’s right. Democrats vehemently opposed tax cuts for 143 million (94 percent) of American wage earners.

It was Trump who delivered them a merry Christmas and now a happy New Year.

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