President Obama continued his reckless pursuit to close Guantanamo Bay, releasing an unprecedented 15 terrorists in one shot.

It gets worse: among those released are three former bodyguards for Osama Bin Laden and a pair of bomb experts herunterladen.

Of the 15 terrorists released, 12 are from Yemen, a hotbed of extremist activity, while the remaining three hail from Afghanistan.

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Via Fox News:

The Obama administration is facing renewed accusations from Republican lawmakers of putting national security at risk following the release of 15 more Guantanamo Bay detainees — including former Usama bin Laden bodyguards and Al Qaeda bomb experts — as the Pentagon works to fulfill the president’s vow to shutter the camp by the end of his term amazon prime music.

“It is reckless for the administration to continue to release terrorists like these to fulfill a misguided campaign promise to empty and close Guantanamo,” Sen herunterladen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., said in a statement on Tuesday.

The newly announced transfer of 15 detainees – 12 Yemenis and three Afghans – to the United Arab Emirates marks the single largest release under the Obama administration über mobilfunknetz herunterladen.

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The transfers will be sent to the United Arab Emirates, but after that what will become of them games for free solitaire? Common sense dictates they will eventually return to terrorist activity.

A bombshell report covered by the Political Insider previously shows that 12 of the detainees already released from Guantanamo Bay have returned to the battlefield, killing at least 6 Americans instagram mehrere bilder in einem post herunterladen. That includes one civilian aid worker in serving in Afghanistan.

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It makes little sense to add to those numbers. Instead we have a president who continues to flesh out the terrorist ranks by releasing some of their worst offenders. This is outrageous herunterladen!