Fox News host, Greg Gutfeld, appeared on The Five yesterday and slammed New York City mayor Bill de Blasio for ‘taking a great place and defiling it’ with his far-left policies.

Gutfeld referred to the mayor as a “left-wing lurch” who allows the criminally unstable to roam the streets without fear of reprisal.

De Blasio’s willingness to demean his own police force, and the killing of pro-active policing efforts such as stop-and-frisk, have led to a surge in violence in the city.

Watch Gutfeld’s monologue below …

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Via Fox News Insider:

“The de Blasio experiment must stop,” Gutfeld said. “Since this mayor got in, the city is drifting toward its old school hell of rape, murder and assault. It’s the progressive left’s talent – take a great place, and defile it. You want to talk about a war on women?”

Gutfeld noted that there have been six rapes in Central Park so far this year.

“It’s all happening during a crime wave under this left-wing lurch,” Gutfeld stated.

Gutfeld said that of the 135 homicides in the city, 98 were gun-related.

“So as he demeans cops, killed stop-and-frisk, which would have prevented gun deaths, he lets the criminally unstable roam the streets like a real world version of the walking dead,” Gutfeld quipped. “We gotta dump this dangerous joke.”

A recent report indicates that in the profiling-free, pro-SAFE Act utopia of New York City, shootings in some areas have risen over 45%, while the number of victims in other locations practically doubled.