Gun Manufacturers Remodel AR-15, Legal Again in New York

It would appear gun manufacturers have outsmarted lawmakers that engineered the SAFE Act, creating an AR-15 that is fully compliant with the law.

In a move which demonstrates the complete absurdity of defining weapons as being of the “assault” variety based on their appearance, weapons manufacturers in New York state have redesigned the AR-15, doing away with the pistol grip and providing a fixed stock, and essentially made the weapon legal again under Cuomo’s SAFE Act.

Via the Clash:

Prototypes for the newly designed AR-15 are hitting gun shops across New York, as gun shops and machinists have designed a rifle that complies with the anti-gun law. At least one gun shop has received a letter from state police saying that the new AR-15 style rifles should be legal in the state as long as they don’t have some of the features that the law prohibits.

The new gun law bans all kinds of semi-automatic rifles that have been labeled with the “assault” term even though these are very common rifles and are no more powerful than the average hunting rifle.

Features like adjustable stocks, pistols grips, and flash suppressors has been deemed to be unlawful on these rifles, mainly because it makes them LOOK mean.  And we all know how little these anti-gun lawmakers really know about guns, as the “Ghost gun” video illustrated.

The new AR-15 design did away with the pistol grip which gives the gun an odd paintball gun look.  The stock is fixed as well, but at least New Yorkers now have a legal way to own an AR-15, a fact which is still driving some gun control activists mad.

The National Review writes:

When the opponents of “assault weapon” bans argue that it is preposterous for the state to ban firearms based on the way they look, they really mean it. It is. The rifle in the photograph above is no more or less powerful than the one that has been banned; it just looks different. And, because the SAFE Act was, typically, interested only in cosmetic questions, a simple change to its aesthetic rendered the rifle legal once more.

Reading this story, one would almost conclude that legislation that deals only with the superficial and the irrelevant is inherently silly. Curious.

Fewer people are killed with all rifles each year (323 in 2011) than with shotguns (356), hammers and clubs (496), and hands and feet (728).

Here’s the conclusion I came to … See if you can follow this:

Governor Cuomo bans “assault weapons” through the SAFE Act.  Cuomo says “pro-assault-weapon” conservatives are not welcome in New York.  Gun manufacturers cosmetically redesign “assault weapons” making them legal again.  Therefore, Cuomo’s SAFE Act does not ban assault weapons.  Cuomo’s SAFE Act is “pro-assault-weapon.” Governor Cuomo is not welcome in New York.

Well, it was worth a shot.

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