David Hogg, the media’s darling gun-grabbing weasel, is calling out Democrat leadership – particularly House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – as being behind the times and urged them to step aside and let younger leaders take over baby bilder kostenlos downloaden.

Well, he wasn’t quite that elegant in his wording.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Hogg does his best to try and convince people that he’s really not the squirrel he appears to be and is instead a tough guy by peppering his comments with swear words herunterladen.

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He claimed that Republicans have empowered younger people, noting that Paul Ryan became Speaker of the House at the age of 45. Then he dropped this bomb on Pelosi, who has struggled mightily to form coherent thoughts over the last several years itunes download op android.

“Older Democrats just won’t move the f*** off the plate and let us take control,” Hogg said. “Nancy Pelosi is old.”

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Hmmm … That sounds ageist, sexist, and misogynist far cry for free in full version german.

Well, at least it most certainly is sexist since, just a few sentences later, Hogg praises Bernie Sanders as “a great guy.”

Pelosi is 78-years-old, but Sanders isn’t far behind as he will turn 77 in a couple of weeks Download the rest of the message now outlook 2010. Why target the woman in the discussion? Perhaps Bernie should ‘move off the plate’ as well.

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In the interview, Hogg also notes his belief that Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a woman repeatedly proven to be a bumbling, stammering moron, is “a future President of the United States.”

As for his own political career, Hogg reveals that he plans to run for Congress when he turns 25 elster online zertifikat erneut herunterladen. Dude got turned down by multiple colleges in embarrassing fashion but thinks he has the qualifications to run for Congress musik schneiden kostenlos deutsch download chip. Although, in the Democrat party, ignorance is a resume enhancer (see Ocasio-Cortez).

“I think I’ve come to that conclusion,” he said spiele downloaden vollversion deutsch. “I want to be at least part of the change in Congress.”


How does Hogg plan to prepare for a career in Congress? He’s going to go to college in the fall of 2019, then “read a s***load of books.”

Why not start with the Constitution first? Try reading that and maybe you’ll understand that any effort to abolish the Second Amendment for law-abiding citizens is futile, and why it is such a vital aspect to freedom-loving Americans.

Judging by the way he talks and acts, the next book Hogg picks up may very well be the first.

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