I can admit when I’m wrong.  I’ve been looking at this gun control debate from a completely obtuse angle.  Governor Cuomo and President Obama are right – this is indeed about saving the lives of children.  Even if it’s just one child.

Can you imagine a scenario almost twice as deadly as the Newtown shooting? A school massacre that outpaces all other school massacres in the United States?

An event in which say, 45 people are killed, with about 38 of those being elementary school aged. A disaster that injures an additional 58 people and nearly wipes out an entire school?

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Gun control extremists have it right. Their new laws and executive orders will surely prevent any such disasters from ever happening.

Oh wait… That actually did happened. In Bath, Michigan in 1927.

Via Slate:

The recent shootings in Newtown, Conn., have led many people to characterize school violence as a modern affliction, a byproduct of our national obsession with guns and media violence. But the deadliest school-related massacre in American history happened in 1927, at an elementary school in Bath, Mich. A school board member named Andrew Kehoe, upset over a burdensome property tax, wired the building with dynamite and set it off in the morning of May 18. Kehoe’s actions killed 45 people, 38 of whom were children.

Number of guns used to shoot people?


Meanwhile, the real debate, the debate on how to make our schools, our malls, our movie theaters safer, has been completely ignored.

This entire conversation has simply been a Trojan horse to sidestep the Constitution – Cuomo to sidestep the New York state Constitution, Obama to trample all over the document crafted by the Founding Fathers.

It is disgraceful.  And we’re letting it happen.