The campaign for Hillary Clinton has effectively dismissed any and all concerns about her health as fringe, right-wing conspiracy theories.

Hillary herself joked with Jimmy Kimmel recently about the “wacky” claims, noting that critics had said she “would be dead in six months.”

But health concerns were no joking matter to one person who can’t simply be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist – her husband, Bill Clinton.

In an expose of the Clinton campaign written by Edward Klein, the former President was so concerned about Hillary’s health that he requested a famous cardiologist review her records, and subsequently had a full-time physician recommended who would “keep her under constant observation.”

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Bill suggested “maybe Hillary should rethink whether she had the physical stamina to take on the tortures of a presidential campaign.”


Sounds like Bill is now just a part of some vast, right-wing conspiracy out to get Hillary.

The book excerpts were revealed on social media by Asa M. Julian, seen below …


Bill’s concerns are now a nation’s concerns, as recent news has broken that Hillary has been taking weekends off, and more photos have surfaced showing aides helping Clinton stand during campaign events and walking up stairs.

Earlier this month, the Political Insider analyzed the capacity of Hillary to successfully serve in the role of President of the United States with so many questionable health issues – including multiple falls, multiple coughing fits, e-mails from staff saying she’s “often confused,” constant sleeping, and excessive lying, all of which point to some sort of mental and physical health problems.