Members of the Republican party in New York tend to quietly grumble about the lack of discernible differences between members of their own party and extreme left-wing Democrats in the state.

Now they have evidence that the distinctions are few.

A conservative group has issued something they call the Liberty Score which “grades members of Congress using long-term voting records.”

Seven out of the eight New York Republicans in the House of Representatives received a grade of ‘F.’

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The lone Republican to score higher was Lee Zeldin, who received a by-comparison dream grade of ‘D.’

The others, in order from highest score to lowest within the ‘F’ range, were Tom Reed, Chris Gibson, Chris Collins, Peter King, Elise Stefanik, John Katko, and Richard Hanna.



Stefanik, Katko, and Zeldin are all newcomers to Washington, D.C., so there is certainly time for them to improve upon their scores.

Hanna, as we have highlighted here before, earns his bottom of the barrel grade, having voted to force pro-life or religious organizations to pay for abortions for their employees, was the lone Republican to oppose banning federal payments for abortion, and told members of a pro-abortion rally to give their money to Democrats, and was one of only a pair of Republicans who voted against delaying Obamacare.

During the 2012 campaign, Hanna referred to Tea Party elements in the Republican Party as being extremists, incapable of governing.

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney, who lost a close race to Hanna this past election cycle wrote in response to the report, “We wonder why Republican Party stands for nothing and has been losing ground for years.”

The Conservative Review, creators of the Liberty Score, say they use it as “one of the primary tools … to help separate rhetoric from reality.”

The reality for conservatives in New York looking for any elected official to stand up for their values is pretty bleak.