Graham: I Want Every Dem to Answer If The 2nd Amendment Should Be Repealed


>> Martha: I know you were sorry about the way that went the last time around. We will see if they can get somewhere with it this time around. Interesting editorial this morning from a former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stephens. He said we really should just do away with the second Amendment. We will do more with the panel come up.

GRAHAM: Don’t run for Senate in South Carolina. I’m up here to defend the Second Amendment rights of my citizens. My constituents, not take them away. I hope every Democrat will be asked what you asked me, is it a good idea to repeal the Second Amendment? I want every Democrat to answer that question. This is a very bad idea. I am glad he is retired. He has a right to his opinion like every other American. I’m up here to protect the Second Amendment and not repeal it I can’t wait to hear what Nancy Pelosi says and every other liberal Democrat. See if they will stand with Justice Stephens or they will stand with the Constitution. I’m dying to know.

>> Martha: We will see. They will be asked. Senator, great to see you. Thank you very much for being here tonight.

>> Thank you.

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