In related news, unicorns really do exist.

Following a New York Rising meeting on Wednesday, Governor Cuomo seemingly entered a parallel universe, claiming that the Empire State can now be referred to as the no-tax state.

Via Business Insider:

“High-tax state? We are the zero-tax state. We are the no-tax state,” Cuomo said following a NY Rising meeting in Essex County on Wednesday. “There is no state that can be more competitive than us economically because we are at zero taxes.”

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“Any new business, any new job you pay no taxes for ten years, period,” Cuomo said. “So you take all of that rhetoric and perception that New York is a high-tax state and you just flip it. It is just gone.”

Of course, in reality where most businesses and people reside, the Cuomo is referring to his START-UP NY plan, which grants these tax breaks to selectively chosen businesses that locate on or near college campuses.

The assertion that the state as a whole is a Zero-Tax state is absurdly misleading.

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin spoke with us about the START-UP NY program.

“Start UP NY is a slap in the face to the hard-working business owners in my district and all over NY who get absolutely nothing out of this except continuing high taxes and regulations,” he explained.

“They now get the added bonus of having to pay even more for those that will now pay nothing. The way to grow an economy is by lower taxes and fees across the board for all, not just the politically connected cronies of Andrew Cuomo and his regime. As John F. Kennedy said, ‘A rising tide lifts all boats.’ Cuomo wants to lift just a connected few while the rest continue to sink.”