Governor Cuomo’s Private Bon Jovi Concert Still On, Show For Fair-Going Commoners, Not So Much

Perhaps not wanting to steal the thunder from his privately held concert with Jon Bon Jovi, the Cuomo administration has nixed a show for the common folk – scheduled to be held at the New York State Fair, three days after the governor’s $1,000/head fundraiser.


New York officials last week were finalizing a $650,000 deal to have Jon Bon Jovi perform at the New York State Fair, which would have sold thousands of tickets and been one of the fair’s biggest draws.

But a lawyer for the state’s Department of Agriculture & Markets mysteriously requested the contract be withdrawn from the state comptroller’s review July 30.

Now the fair’s Grandstand will be empty on Aug. 28, the night Bon Jovi would have played, costing New York potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his campaign supporters will still get to hear the New Jersey rock star perform, however. Bon Jovi is scheduled to play Aug. 25 at a $1,000-per-head private fundraiser for Cuomo in the Hamptons on Long Island.

Priority seating at the fundraiser would go for upwards of $5,000 per head, while sponsors are welcome to shell out $50,000. Meanwhile, tickets for fair-goers would have run anywhere between $65 – $85.

At the New York State Fair, Bon Jovi would have performed for up to 17,000 people in the grandstands, but will instead only play to a private room for the governor and his staff, a group promised to be less than 100 people.

Estimates indicate that the fair performance could have generated over $1 million in revenue.

A Cuomo spokesman indicated that the ol’ dreaded scheduling conflict is what was to blame for the cancellation.  Two government sources however, told that it was canceled due to public perception, saying there were concerns about the rock star playing a private fundraiser and then being paid $650,000 by New York State to perform at the fair three days later.

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