13.1n006.cuomoguns.c--300x300In late December, Governor Cuomo appeared to slip up when he mentioned that gun control could be implemented using various extreme means – which included confiscation.

Back then my opinion was that this was not a serious option in the gun control debate, stating that “There is no possible manner in which gun confiscation could end well for anybody involved.”

I was wrong, apparently.  Gun confiscation is indeed an option, and has apparently become a reality for some people taking anti-anxiety medication.

Via Infowars:

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The New York State Police are suspending the handgun permits of people in the state who are prescribed anti-anxiety medication, according to Jim Tresmond of the Tresmond Law Firm in Hamburg, New York. Tresmond Law specializes in firearm litigation.

“We are representing a client right now who is impacted by this onerous activity of the government,” Tresmond told WBEN, a news talk radio station in Buffalo, New York.

“We were flummoxed by this whole matter,” the attorney said. “The HIPPA act is supposed to prevent this kind of thing from happening. It’s a gross invasion of our privacy rights.”

Worse, it is a direct infringement on the Second Amendment of course, but also the Fourth Amendment, trampling the legal definition of probable cause.  It is unconstitutional.  Period.

The only cause necessary to bring this confiscation to fruition?  A provision in New York’s SAFE Act allows authorities to confiscate firearms if medical professionals determine a patient may cause harm to themselves or others.  Section 9.46.

Scratch that.  The provision actually allows for “unlicensed” psychologists and registered nurses to report such a perceived threat.

That’s right – Unlicensed individuals can determine whether or not you can legally own a firearm in New York State.

Confiscation is an option.  Is it now also a reality?