Wait, what?  Lower taxes spur innovation, business, and by extension, the economy?  Who knew?

Via the Troy Record:

Representatives from area colleges are in agreement that they are interested in spurring innovation in the area, which could be further enhanced through Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to create tax free zones for higher education institutions and private sector entities to collaborate.

While Russell Sage College’s provost Terry Weiner felt the initiative would mainly affect larger institutions, Michael Hickey, the executive director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Siena College, said that the governor’s program would have a good synergy with the CIE.

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“We’re trying to do similar things that the governor is trying to do — spur innovation,” said Hickey. “Our agendas overlap.”

He added that he felt such programs would be “good for everyone… When education and business leaders get together, nothing but good things happen.”

Remember that Cuomo himself has claimed to be running New York as a fiscal conservative.  But watch which side of the aisle gets credit for any potential growth.  It certainly won’t be the notion that a tax free zone could have helped.