Cuomo: $15 Minimum Wage Could Have Negative Impact On Jobs

During an interview over the weekend with CNN, Governor Cuomo suggested that rapidly imposing a $15/hr federal minimum wage “could have a negative impact” on some economies.

You know, like the $15 minimum wage he’s enacted in New York state.

Cuomo was responding to Hillary Clinton who actually voiced support for New York’s minimum wage model.

Clinton said she’d sign legislation implementing the rate federally “if pay rose gradually and if the law included escape clauses.”

But Cuomo said this could do damage to businesses, seemingly unaware of the damage he is doing to businesses in his own state.

“You’re saying the businesses that employ a large number of minimum wage workers, your payroll is basically going to double,” Cuomo explained. “That could have a negative impact.”


Watch Cuomo’s comments on the minimum wage effects below …


Via America Rising PAC:

Cuomo couldn’t even stay on message about his own $15 minimum wage proposal! During a Saturday interview on CNN, he warned that the minimum wage hike Clinton now claims to support could have a “negative impact” on jobs

Some reports have indicated that the $15 minimum wage could cost anywhere between 200- and 500,000 jobs in New York.

Previous studies show that the $15 minimum wage hike in the fast food industry would not only cost jobs, but food prices would see hikes of up to 22%.  It would also cost state and local governments potentially hundreds of millions of dollars.

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