Gov. Newsom Praises Trump’s Coronavirus Response: ‘Every Single Thing He Said They Followed Through On’

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REPORTER: “Over the past couple of days, President Trump has said that he would prefer if none of the passengers aboard these cruises landed on U.S. soil. Did he mention any of that to you in your conversation?”

NEWSOM: “Yeah, we had a private conversation, but he said, ‘We’re gonna do the right thing and you have my support, all of our support, logistically and otherwise.’ So, before he made those statements publicly, I had a private conversation with him, around 4:30 West Coast time. And he said everything that I could have hoped for. And we had a very long conversation and every single thing he said, they followed through on. So I’m just not interested in finding daylight in those statements because every single thing his administration — and it starts at the top, including the Vice President — has been consistent with the expectation that we’d repatriate these passengers and we’d do it in a way that does justice to the spirit that defines the best of our country and the state of California.”

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