New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, has tested positive for the coronavirus herunterladen.

Is the mainstream media corrupt?

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CUOMO: “Everyone, everyone is subjected to this virus zoom herunterladen und ausführen. It is the great equalizer. I don’t care how smart or how rich or how powerful you think you are, I don’t care how young or how old. This virus is a great equalizer download crossword puzzles. My brother, Chris, is positive for Coronavirus, found out this morning. Now he is going to be fine. He’s young, he’s in good shape, he’s strong, not as strong as he thinks herunterladen. He’ll be fine. But, there is a lesson in this. He’s an essential worker, a member of the press so he has been out there. You go out there, the chance that you get infected is very high wo kann ich pc spiele downloaden. I spoke to him this morning. And he’s going to be quarantined in his basement at home. He’s just worried about his daughter and his kids that he hopes he did not get them infected herunterladen. You know Chris, he has a show at night on CNN. You see one dimension. In his job, he’s combative and argumentative and he’s pushing people. That’s his job crowd city kostenlos herunterladen. He’s a really sweet and beautiful guy. And, he’s my best friend. My father was always working so it was always just me and Chris. He’s a lawyer also, Chris russisch musiken kostenlos. He’s a lawyer because growing up the decision point came to what he wanted to do after college and my father was a very strong personality. My father suggested forcefully to Chris that he should be a lawyer voicemail herunterladen. It was as different time and different place. Now my daughter is here following their individual star, this is their destiny. I want to follow my individual star pre-ordered games download ps4. He would say you can follow your individual star right out that door. So Chris went to law school but he never had a desire to practice law. At 26 he’s at a law firm. I don’t want to be a lawyer but you are a lawyer now. He said I don’t want to be a lawyer. What do you want to be? I want to be a journalist. You want to be a journalist? Too late, you are a lawyer, you have to pay law school bills. You didn’t go to journalism school. Too late. Too late. He went to work for fox TV which is a separate conversation in the house. And, worked his way up. He’s at CNN and does a beautiful job. A sweet guy and now he’s quarantine inside the basement but he’s funny as Hell. He says even the dogs want to come downstairs. But, he’s concerned about his wife and kids. The reason I raise is he’s smart, social distancing and yes, but you whine up exposing yourself. People whine up exposing you and they find out they’re positive a couple of days later. I had a situation with Christopher two weeks ago that I