Looking to capitalize on the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, the New York State GOP sent out a press release mocking mayor Bill de Blasio called ’50 Shades of Bill.’

The mock movie poster includes an eye gouge-worthy image of Al Sharpton and a woman with de Blasio’s face.

It includes such comments as ‘Tied Up … by his habitual tardiness’ and ‘Handcuffed … by his poor management of the NYPD.’

Check out the poster below …

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Anybody who has visited this site is well aware of the true love affair between de Blasio and Sharpton, going so far as to see the mayor ardently defend a mutual aide who was dating a convicted killer, drug dealer, and man who likes to refer to police as “pigs.”

The NYGOP also has a site feature asking ‘Where’s Bill?’ which explains that the mayor has spent most of his term “stumbling and bumbling his way from one disaster to the next.”

Check it out …