GOP House Passes Bill to Overturn All of Obama’s Last Minute Power Grabs

In a blatant power grab on his way out the door, President Obama has been issuing thousands of crippling regulations by executive order that would handcuff President-elect Donald Trump and harm American families and businesses.

The lame duck administration unleashed 3,852 new federal regulations, some costing billions of dollars. According to analysis from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the White House ended 2016 by printing a record-setting 97,110 pages of regulations.

With a new year comes a new president and a Congress looking to roll back the Obama agenda, however.

Earlier last week, the House passed legislation that would allow Congress to overturn Obama’s regulations with a single vote.

Via the Daily Caller:

The House passed legislation Wednesday that would enable Congress to overturn, with a single vote, executive branch regulations finalized in the last 60 legislative days of an outgoing presidential administration.

“This is about accountability, transparency and ensuring job creators aren’t being crushed by droves of new regulations just before a President leaves office. Regulations, when necessary, should be implemented with time for a thorough public vetting and input from those impacted,” said California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, lead sponsor of the bill, in a statement. “I’m thrilled at the House’s quick passage of my bill and look forward to it becoming law so we can start the process of removing unnecessary regulations and helping Americans get back to work.”

The Obama administration pushed through $44 billion worth of “midnight regulations” from various federal agencies immediately after Donald Trump was elected president last month.

The legislation is aptly titled the Midnight Rules Relief Act, referring to Obama’s push to over-regulate everything right up until his last hour in office.

Republican Pennsylvania Rep. Tom Marino said “Burdensome regulation is one of the greatest hindrances to growing jobs and the economy.”

“Washington cannot continue to fund reckless regulation on the backs of hardworking Americans,” Marino added.

The House is poised to put an end to Obama’s reckless regulations with this bill which, once passed by the Senate and signed by President Trump, will bring true relief to the American families and businesses across the country who are currently being held down by red tape.

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