With each passing day, it becomes more and more painfully obvious that the entire Obama administration – hell, the entire Democrat Party – is simply populated with individuals that have no moral standing, no character, and no values fotoalbum kostenlos herunterladen. They are simply politicians willing to peddle the liberal agenda at any cost, willing to defend their own even if it means violating the law.

Nowhere was that more evident than this week, when the attorney general – the freaking ATTORNEY GENERAL of these United States – went to bat for someone who has clearly violated the law in her handling of classified information bildbearbeitungsprogramm für mac kostenlos downloaden.

Loretta Lynch, during a hearing on Capitol Hill, acted as if she had absolutely no knowledge of anything when she testified about the Hillary Clinton email case herunterladen.

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She refused to explain the decision not to prosecute Clinton despite the FBI’s explanation that she clearly violated the law write program for free to download.

She refused to admit the simple fact that it’s illegal to lie under oath spieles kostenlos.

In fact, Lynch refused to answer questions during the hearing a grand total of 74 times mp3 player songs for free.

Her testimony was so bad, it made one congressman, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) pine for the days of the ever-corrupt former attorney general, Eric Holder train simulator demo download kostenlos.

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Why? Because at least he’d provide answers, even if they weren’t truthful or what the congressional body would want to hear.


Via the Washington Free Beacon:

Rep in google bilder herunterladen. Doug Collins (R., Ga.) slammed Attorney General Loretta Lynch during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday saying that he misses Lynch’s predecessor, Eric Holder 3sat mediathek video.

Collins said that while Holder would give the committee “answers we didn’t like,” Lynch was “not willing to make a concrete statement of law.”

“It goes back to something that’s very disturbing frei wild alben kostenlos downloaden. I never thought I’d say this, I actually and I say this with due respect, Attorney General, I miss Eric Holder, because at least when he came here he gave us answers we didn’t like,” Collins said. “But I’ve spent the last four hours listening to basically the Attorney General of the United States not willing to make a concrete statement of law, to not be willing to say that when given the opportunity about a colleague of mine who made the decision in this case.”

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Collins added, “And as also a member of the military who just got through with my drill duty this weekend, you have basically, to me, offended every military member here who handles classified information. Who does so with their training and you’ve basically said, ‘well, it depends on this.’”

Absolutely disgusting. How bad and corrupt do you have to be to make a congressman long for the days of your predecessor who was the architect behind stonewalling the Fast and Furious scandal?

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