In 2008, Barack Obama criticized Americans disappointed with the state of things in their hometown as “bitter” people, “cling(ing) to guns or religion.”  The remarks were meant to be condescending.

Now however, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has turned those very things into a selling point, touting guns and the Bible in a new political ad for his nephew.

Zach Dasher is a GOP candidate running in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District.

The Hill reports:

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Phil Robertson, star of the popular reality TV show Duck Dynasty, is aiding his nephew, Louisiana House GOP candidate Zach Dasher, with two new ads a week before Election Day.

Dasher, who’s running against embattled Rep. Vance McAllister (R-La.), is described by the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch as a biblical family man with a “servant’s heart.”

In one 15-second spot (seen below), Robertson tells Louisianans that “Bibles and guns brought us here, and bibles and guns will keep us here.”

“Zach Dasher believes in both,” he adds.  “That’s why I’m voting for him.”

Watch the ad …

Will an ad about ‘bibles and guns’ help or hurt the GOP candidate, or will it only appeal to ‘bitter clingers?’

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