Good! Black Lives Matter Activists Who Blocked Highway Sent to Jail

Early last week, 13 Black Lives Matter protesters were sentenced to 5 days-worth of jail time for blocking a highway in Richmond, Virginia. FINALLY!

The protesters endangered their own lives, as well as the lives of motorists on the road. They could have caused major trouble and prevented emergency personnel from accessing necessary locations due to the traffic buildup, putting others at risk.

The jail time is a new and very welcome tactic for rioters who block roadways in an effort to make their point of the day.

Via the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Thirteen protesters have been sentenced to five days in jail for illegally blocking traffic on Interstate 95 in Richmond during a Black Lives Matter protest in July.

All 13 demonstrators pleaded guilty Monday afternoon in Richmond General District Court as part of a plea agreement.

While the judge allowed some to report to jail in December — at least one woman was granted a delay because she has upcoming college exams — others were immediately escorted off by sheriff’s deputies to begin serving jail time.

“It was rush hour. They put themselves in danger, and they put other people potentially in danger, so we thought that five days in jail was an appropriate punishment,” said Richmond Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Davis Powell, the prosecutor in the cases.

While 5 days in jail is pretty lenient, it’s about time somebody stood up to this ridiculous ‘protest’ method. What anyone has to gain for their cause by making people late to work or their destination has yet to be fully explained.

Another gem from this group of MENSA candidates – Only one of the 13 protesters was even from the area. In fact, the other 12 were from out of state, as far away as California and New York.

One of them hailed from Weed, California, which explains quite a bit.

Perhaps this can be the next group of protesters hauled off to jail for similar actions …

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