Giuliani Reveals What He Thinks About When He Looks at Hillary

When Hillary Clinton insulted America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, during the Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, many were surprised that he didn’t even vaguely crack a smile.

Clinton began by describing how Giuliani began his career as a prosecutor who went after multi-millionaire tax evaders before delivering the punchline: “But as the saying goes: If you can’t beat ’em, go on Fox News and call him a genius.”

The event is usually a light-hearted comedic affair, so the jabs are expected. Giuliani however, was in no laughing mood.

Now the former mayor has explained what he was thinking about as Hillary was speaking. It involves what most law-abiding citizens see when they think of her – ‘orange jumpsuits’ and jail time.

Via the Independent:

Rudy Giuliani, who sat scowling with lopsided glasses, told a Philadelphia radio show that he was picturing the democratic nominee in prison.

On Tuesday Mr Giuliani was asked by 1210 WPHT Philadelphia radio host Dom Giordano what his reaction was to Ms Clinton’s jokes and whether he was going to “take out a pair of handcuffs and hold them up at that point”.

“Well, I was US attorney and assistant to the US attorney for too many years to laugh at Mrs Clinton,” Mr Giuliani replied.

“When I see her, I see her in an orange jumpsuit, I’m sorry, or at least a striped one. I’d have prosecuted her a year ago and probably convicted her by now.”

“I think you would have,” replied the host, laughing.

Take a listen …


Giuliani recently told Fox & Friends that he and the Donald Trump campaign have “a couple of surprises” in store for Mrs. Clinton.

But will any of them lead to Clinton donning an orange jumpsuit? That’s what the American people really want to know.

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