Former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, perhaps the man most understanding of the threat of ‘radical Islam,’ has ripped the Obama administration for being unable to use the phrase, saying it is born out of “cowardice and weakness.”

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest declared after terrorist attacks that killed a dozen people at Charlie Hebdo, carried out by those associated with radical Islam, that we really shouldn’t use the phrase ‘radical Islam.’

Giuliani disagrees, saying “If we can’t use the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’ we can’t get rid of them.”

Take a look …

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Via the Daily Caller:

GIULIANI: Sean, it is, I think, very serious. I think it’s very serious because it sends a signal of cowardice and weakness.

HANNITY: It is cowardly!

GIULIANI: I’m saying this from 40 years of experience of investigating and prosecuting Islamic terrorism going back to the Palestinian hijackings in the 1970s. So this is not just a —

HANNITY: And you went after the mob in a big way…

GIULIANI: And I called them the Mafia, and I was told there was no Mafia… and I was protested by Italian-American groups. And I said if we can’t use the word ‘Mafia,’ we can’t get rid of them. If we can’t use the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’ we can’t get rid of them. Then, we can’t separate them from the good members of the Islamic religion.

Do you agree with Mayor Giuliani? Is the inability to label terrorists as being motivated by ‘radical Islam’ a sign of cowardice and weakness?

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