In what GovTrack called “surprising” votes, Chris Gibson and Elise Stefanik joined the only Republican in Congress to receive Planned Parenthood funding, Richard Hanna, in voting against a bill that would allow states an easier path to defunding the unregulated abortion clinics herunterladen.

The pro-life bill voted on in the House of Representatives would amend Medicaid law to allow states more leeway in excluding Medicaid funds from being provided to abortion clinics aus joyn downloaden.

Daniel Donovan and congressional newcomer John Katko also voted against the measure.

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This despite a series of videos showing Planned Parenthood executives callously negotiating and selling the body parts of aborted children windows apps downloaden.

The bill passed in the House despite opposition from these New York Republicans.

Via LifeNews:

The House of Representatives today passed a pro-life bill that would make it easier for states to de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business after the abortion company was caught in a series of 10 videos selling aborted babies and their body parts windows live photo gallery for free.

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… states have faced pushback from the Obama administration and Planned Parenthood — both of whom are defending the taxpayer funding in court with claims that states don’t have the authority under Medicaid to revoke taxpayer funding whatsapp alle fotos downloaden.

Today, in response, the House passed the H.R. 3495, Women’s Public Health and Safety Act. The bill, authored by pro-life Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) amends the Medicaid law to give states the freedom and discretion to exclude abortion providers from Medicaid herunterladen. States who have sought to end their Medicaid contracts have been blocked from doing so by the Center for Medicaid and Medicaid Services and the bill would give states more latitude to de-fund herunterladen.

Richard Hanna’s vote was perhaps the least surprising.  He was the lone Republican recipient of Planned Parenthood funding during the 2014 campaign cycle, at nearly $3,000 herunterladen.

Hanna, as we have highlighted here before, is a pro-choice wolf in Republican clothing, having voted to force pro-life or religious organizations to pay for abortions for their employees, was the lone Republican to oppose banning federal payments for abortion, and told members of a pro-abortion rally to give their money to Democrats word für pc herunterladen.

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Why would Gibson and Stefanik be on the same side of the aisle on this issue as Hanna?