37-year-old Shetamia Taylor brought her four boys to the rally in Dallas last week, hoping to show them what a ‘peaceful protest’ looks like.

She ended up becoming one of only two civilians struck by gunfire in the shooting of police officers warum kann man manche filme auf netflix nicht herunterladen.

Taylor is being hailed as a hero for saving the lives of her children, throwing her own body in front of them and shielding the kids from the spray of gunfire that would eventually kill five police officers and wound many others download city maps for free.

The heroic mother addressed the public for the first time this weekend while recovering from very serious injuries.

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And wouldn’t you know it, in the midst of a race-driven hate crime, Taylor, who is black, revealed that several white police officers came to her aide with no regard for the danger to their own lives herunterladen.

“The officer got on top of me and covered me and my son,” she said. “Another cop [was] at my feet and another [stood] by us and they protected us.”

Taylor also described the heartbreak of “(seeing) another officer get shot in front of me.”

Via ABC News:

“I was running behind them and I felt the bullet in the back of my leg,” she said, pausing to gather her emotions google font. “My son went to grab me but I was already shot so I grabbed him and lay on top of him. Police asked was anybody hit, because he didn’t know I was shot herunterladen. I said yes, but not loud enough because I didn’t want my son to hear. The officer got on top of me and covered me and my son. Another cop [was] at my feet and another [stood] by us and they protected us cod black ops 2 free full pc. I saw another officer get shot in front of me.”

Taylor said that a the majority of the officers who shielded her were white, and said the experience made her “admiration for police greater,” while acknowledging that she always admired the efforts of law enforcement notizen aus icloud herunterladen.

“I’ve never heard anything like that before,” she said of the shooting. “Hundreds of rounds. There were shots all around us herunterladen. I’m thankful for the police because they had no regard for their life and protected us.”

She went on to thank the officers and called them heroes adobe flash player opera download kostenlos.

Watch Taylor’s press conference below …


Certainly paints a different story from what the media likes to portray herunterladen.

Taylor described the heartbreak in celebrating the fact that her children had all survived the attack, while overhearing news of an officer who didn’t make it.

“I saw an officer tell another officer that an officer didn’t make it, and I [was] celebrating my kids,” she said, stopping to hang her head and weep. “[Celebrating] my kids being alive.”

Her kids are alive because of her own heroics as well as the officers who gave their lives around her.

Simply incredible!

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