German Conservatives Want to Ban Burqa In Fight Against Terrorism

German conservatives have drafted a proposal to reform the way Muslims in the country live in wake of several recent terror attacks.

State interior ministers from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union are calling for a ban on burqas and more loyalty from immigrants with dual citizenships. Newspaper Tagesspiegel released parts of a draft Wednesday from the conservatives.

“Freedom of religion is a central, fundamental right,” the draft reads. “However, religious extremism and the abuse of religious symbols have no place in Germany.”

Politicians on the other side of the aisle are more critical of the plan, and instead want more “dialogue” as a counter-terrorism measure.

“You have to communicate, you have to try to change certain world views, but this is done through dialogue and not through bans,” Frank Tempel, a member of the socialist Left party, told Tagesspiegel.

The interior ministers further want to crack down on dual citizenship for immigrants by asking them to pledge loyalty to Germany.

“Dual citizenship is a huge obstacle for integration,” the draft reads. “We object to this split loyalty. Whoever wants to engage themselves with the politics of foreign governments, we would advise to leave Germany. We call for people to make a conscious choice for the values of our free, democratic constitutional order.”

Countries such as Australia and the Netherlands have recently passed laws to strip terrorists with dual citizenships of their passports.

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